Let us introduce you to a few more incredible Indiana pioneers!

It takes a huge team to create the wonderful resources available from the Ball State Field Trips program. We rely on content partners; community volunteers; Ball State students, staff and faculty; museum curators; designers; park rangers; developers; teachers; and so many more. Let us introduce you to just a few.

Our Partners

The “Indiana Pioneers” Field Trip is brought to you through a partnership between Ball State University, the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of State Parks.

Ball State University
Staff and Faculty

Ball State’s commitment to educational outreach and groundbreaking, interactive media has made the Field Trips program a worldwide leader in innovative learning.

  • Brandon Smith

    Executive Producer

  • Ryan Bitzegaio

    Assoc. Director

  • Charity Coffman

    Project Manager & Education Consultant

  • Riley Paulsen


  • Rob Fultz

    Video Production Manager

  • Bryon O’Conner


  • Stuart Siphigil

    User Experience

  • Dr. Ron Morris

    Professor of History

  • Julie Halbig

    Vice President for Governmental Relations and Community Engagement

  • Dan Lutz

    Associate Vice President for Information Technology

The Digital Corps

The creative forces burning within the students of Ball State’s Digital Corps are fierce! Their unending dedication and talents bring the Ball State Field Trips to life.

  • Eric Barlow

    Associate Project Manager

  • Anthony Campagna

    Video Production Lead

  • Richard Downey

    Development Lead

  • Rachel Harvey

    Development Lead

  • Madde Jordan

    User Experience Lead

  • Eddie Metzger

    Marketing & Communication Lead

  • Sydney Patton

    Design Lead

  • Vivien Pong

    Video Production Lead

  • Noël Sucese


  • Grace Winiger

    Design Lead

  • Kaleb Baldwin


  • Billy Barry

    User Experience

  • Leah Callahan


  • Jacob Guenin


  • Corey Halbert


  • Luke Jones


  • Jana Lowery


  • Marisa Lozano


  • Denver McQuaid


  • Reanna Miller


  • Joshua Schoen


  • Lucas Smith


  • Jeff Spott


  • Chase Thiebaut

    User Experience

  • Anna Weddle


Educational Consultants

To make sure the learning materials we create are crafted for the modern classroom, we recruit actual teachers with actual students! Their input throughout the entire process guarantees our final product will fit perfectly into the classroom.

  • Marie Arter

    Queen of All Saints Catholic Church

  • Laura Carnes

    South Henry School Corporation

  • Jill DuBois

  • Megan Iussig

    Tri-Creek School Corporation

  • Emily Paulsen

    South Madison Community School Corporation

  • Melinda Sheffield

    Muncie Community Schools

  • Cindy Walker

    Burris Laboratory School

Special Thanks

There are far more people involved in the production of the Ball State Field Trips than we’ll ever be able to thank. But, here is a partial attempt.

  • Phil Repp

    Vice President for Information Technology

  • Scott Russell Sanders


  • Ball State University University Media Services

  • Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations