A few things you should know:

  • Didn’t this used to be called the “Electronic” Field Trips program? What happened?
    Yep. It did. But, we’ve grown up a bit. Remember that kid next door growing up named “Johnny” that you saw recently at your high school reunion? And all of a sudden he just wanted to be called “John.” We’re kinda like that. “Electronic” is a dated word, making it sound like we’re “surfing the web” on the “information superhighway.” We’re a bit more grown up than that now.
  • Why isn’t there an app for my Android Tablet or Chromebook?
    Trust us, we’re working on it! We’ve completely reinvented and rethought the entire Field Trips program. We wanted to make sure we got it right, so we needed to take a slow, deliberate, strategic path forward. That meant allocating all of our resources to get the iPad app just right before turning our attention to other platforms.
  • I have an idea for a Field Trip! Who can I tell?
    Please, oh, please… tell us! We are always looking for great ideas for the next Field Trip. Just shoot us an email at info@bsufieldtrips.org. You can tell us about a specific place you’d like us to visit. Or, you can tell us a specific topic you’d like us to explore. Or, both. We love great ideas! (If you can send lots of ideas for trips to sun-splashed beaches, we’ll make sure our bosses see all of those. Thanks!)
  • I’d love to be part of your education consultation team for the next Field Trip. How can we make that happen?
    Our educational consultants are real teachers! In the flesh! And we’re always looking for great ones! If you like to travel, like technology, like using the Field Trips in your classroom, and don’t mind a little unexpected adventure from time to time, we want to know who you are! Just email us: info@bsufieldtrips.org.
  • What is your future lineup of Field Trips?
    Right now, our future is completely under wraps! We’ve got ideas, but they’re still growing and taking shape. Rest assured we’ll let you know when we’ve got big news. But, to be sure you don’t miss anything, register now and sign up for our email alerts.
  • Are there other “Electronic” Field Trip program out there?
    There are other programs that work with museums. And there are other programs who do distance learning. But we’re not aware of any programs that come with our unique blend of classroom learning materials, digital content, and a live TV show. Our formula, though difficult to explain sometimes, is something that truly makes the Ball State Field Trips program unique.
  • I’m having some tech problems? Can you send over tech support?
    The Tech Guy helping someone hook up a printer, so he can’t come to your school. But, we can probably still help. If you’re having a problem, there is a good chance someone else is, too. Just email us at info@bsufieldtrips.org and we’ll try to find you a solution.
  • Why don’t all the buttons in the app work?
    Oh my goodness! Be patient! When it comes time for our live TV show, you’ll see those buttons come to life and give you access to even more cool widgets, gadgets, and gizmos.
  • What is the “Live Stream?”
    So, you didn’t read the previous question, huh? We’re working on some neat interactivity for students to use during the live show. We’re putting the bells and whistles in the app right now, and we’ll send over more instructions when the time is right.
  • What is the “Travel Book?”
    So, you didn’t read the previous two questions, huh? This is another goodie that we’ll turn on for you when the TV show rolls around. Just hang tight. You’ll like what we have in store. Guaranteed!
  • I read the previous three questions. When is this live TV show you speak of?
    October 25th. (Thanks for reading the questions. Gold star!)